I’m blue da ba dee da ba di

An update on my use Home Assistant, I’m no longer running it inside Podman as detailed here. In fact, I’m no longer running it on the NUC at all. Instead, I bought myself a Home Assistant Blue. I bought the ‘dev mode’ version just in case I want to tinker with things further, but I could have gone with the ‘Zen mode’ version just as easily.

The ODROID-N2+ is remarkably capable and having the entire stack being HA-managed (Home Assistant OS, running Home Assistant Supervisor, running Home Assistant Core) is a dream. It really Just Works™ and I’ve not had any issues over the few months it’s been running. I used the add-on store to have it launch a MariaDB container and moved the ‘recorder’ component it with a simple config tweak (and sped up startup time almost 4x in the process). I’ve since added the community store (HACS) and a bunch of automations and it still just keeps chugging along. At the moment, I’ve got 22 integrations, 49 devices, 10 areas, and ~372 entities and my system dashboard looks like:

If you’re considering taking the plunge into home automation, I can very easily recommend getting a Blue.

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