Locking it down

I finally saved up and bought myself a smart lock at the end of April. I ended up getting the August Smart Lock Pro with the Connect module. Now that I’ve used it for a month and a half, I feel like I can finally review it.

TL;DR I love this lock.

Honestly, the hardest part of this whole process was picking the lock to buy. I looked at the August lock, I looked at the Kwikset Bluetooth lock, I even looked at the Nest lock and debating waiting for its release. In the end, I chose the August for two reasons: it integrates with Google Home natively (no ’talk to August’ bullshit) and it uses the existing lock’s keys so my landlord can’t complain.

Installing the lock was stupid simple. You are directed to download their app for your phone, create an account, and then it gives you full-screen step-by-step directions. There’s nothing unusual about this deadlock, so if you’ve ever changed one before, you know how to do this. You’ll need a screwdriver and maybe 10 minutes.

Installation is basically 4 steps:

  1. Remove the old back on the deadbolt
  2. Find the correct shaft adaptor
  3. Install the new August back
  4. Connect to the wifi

I don’t leave the house very often, if I’m honest, but the occasions I have since installing this have been very nice. I leave, the door locks (and thanks to other integrations my Blink cameras turn on); I return, the door unlocks (and the cameras turn off). I don’t have to carry a key with me. I don’t have to empty a hand to fish out my key to unlock the door. When I go to bed at night, I just tell Google to lock the door. The only minor annoyance is that Google won’t voice unlock the door (for security reasons).

I’ve yet to use the app to give anyone a ’temporary key’ but I have used the app to check on (and change) the lock status. I’ve also used the app to update the firmware on the lock.

If you’re considering a smart lock, I highly recommend you look at the August Pro.