Installing pgBackRest on OSX

If you’ve followed my previous posts (here and here), then you already have one or more versions of PostgreSQL installed on your Mac. Maybe these are solely for test or dev purposes and you don’t really care about any of the data therein, but if you do, let me guide you to pgBackRest.

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Goodbye, Loui boy

Thank you, Loui, for bringing so much joy and happiness to our lives these past ten years. I will miss you.

New look, same content

UPDATE: I’ve switched out the theme entirely (again) so the CSS issues should no longer be present. The rest of this post still sands.

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Changes to the blog

In case you haven’t already noticed, I’ve made some changes to my blog recently. Nothing really significant or drastic, but things that have been on the TODO list for a while.

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EXPLAINing intermittent perf problems

We’ve all gotten the dreaded email/call from a user stating that a query is “slow sometimes”. If you’re lucky, the “sometimes” actually ends up being fairly consistent and you can fairly easily determine what’s happening (an errant cron job, for example). All too often though, the issue really is sporadic, fleeting, and indeterministic. So how do you track these down? And more importantly what do you do about them once found?

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