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A while back, I ran across a little project on Kickstarter from a company called SnapPower. The project was for a product called Guidelights.

Now, I’m a “big boy” and don’t need a night light, but I do wander around the house after dark quite a bit and hate turning on the lights when I’m in a room for like a whole minute. So the concept of having LED lights embedded into the outlet cover and having them turn on/off based on the ambient light in the room sounded pretty cool. And the fact that there’s no wiring or anything was slick. So I ponied up and ordered some.

I gotta tell you, they rock! I now have one in the upstairs hallyway, another at the bottom of the stairs, and a third on the island in the kitchen. It’s freaking perfect. Seriously. And like I said, there’s no skill involved. If you can work a flat head screwdriver, you can install these!

In fact, when Stephanie movies into her apartment (soonish), I’ll be outfitting her place with a few of these as well. They’re really that good,

Review: ★★★★★

As much as I love the Guidelights, I was stoked when SnapPower announced their Snap Power Chargers.

I don’t know what it’s like in your household, but all four of us have smart phones, three of us have tablets, and two of us have smart watches. Someone always needs to charge something. And my family is horrible about removing their chargers from outlets when they’re done. And one person in particular has taken to unplugging whatever is “in the way” so she can charge her phone close to wherever she’s sitting! Clearly, a solution that adds USB ports and frees up electrical outlets is a solution I need to have.

So I eagerly bought five of these things. I installed all but one yesterday, and I gotta say it is as good of an investment as the light covers. I will be installing a few of these in Steph’s apartment also. Now, I’ll grant you that they are not “quick charge”. And there’s only one USB facing the right side of the cover instead of one on both the left and right. But I understand there’s only so much room in these things, and only so much power you can leech off the contacts. So I’m not terribly upset. It would be nice though if you could choose left or right when ordering.

Honestly, I’m kinda stoked to see what this company comes up with next. Of all the random crap I’ve backed on Kickstarter, SnapPower is easily the most useful and easiest to recommend to others.

Review: ★★★★✩

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