Glutton for Punishment

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I recently got a new Macbook Pro from work as my old one was having keyboard issues and since it was 3+ yrs old they deemed it not worth fixing. As you probably know, I spent a lot of time and effort on the previous mbp to get Gentoo up and running on it. I chose not to do so with this one.

While I have looked into it and believe that I could get Gentoo up and running fairly easily, I’ve decided to skip it for now and try to live with OSX. I travel for work and never know what I’m going to be asked to do when onsite. Sometimes I have to present things on a projector while other times the customer only has 5Ghz wifi available. And thanks to the proprietary nature of these machines, these features are either non-functional or sub-optimal under Linux. I’m also getting tired of our IT staff telling me Linux isn’t supported whenever I have an issue, even if that issue clearly doesn’t have anything to do with the OS. And several other minor annoyances that have added up over my three yrs tenure here.

So, yeah. I’ve decided to sign up for the pain of staying in OSX. So far, I think I’ve managed to coerce the system into a ‘feel-alike’ of my prior KDE 5 Plasma environment but it’s taken a lot of tweaking and Googling and setting of magic CLI commands to get OSX to do my bidding. And I’ve had to buy more than a few apps to get functionality that I got for free on Linux, which chaps my ass.

So we’ll see how this lasts. Or doesn’t.

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