Efficient, yet Creepy

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So I’m sitting here seting up a new Internet connected device I bought recently (more on it later) and I can’t seem to get it to setup properly. I can create an account on their site, I can login to said account, I can power on said device and connect to it using the app and configure it to use my home wifi, but the device just won’t ever finish connecting and syncing w/ my account on the site.

I try this about half a dozen times, with a few reboots and even a reset of the device in there. Still no luck. So I power it off, set it aside, and go do some things IRL thinking “I’ll come back to it”. Not five minutes later, I get an email on my phone from Tech Support at the device’s company saying thusly:

We noticed that you are having problems adding $device to your system. To assist you with the process, we would like to first push a firmware update to your $device. Please keep your $device plugged in and we will take care of the rest. We will send you another email when you have been updated.

Now that’s efficient. And super creepy.

I kinda like it :D

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