My Linka smart bike lock from Kickstarter showed up today. Holy Hell is this thing solid and hefty! Like for reals, this is gonna throw the balance of the bike off :)

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Welcome to Cypheri

I recently discovered the online game NationStates thanks to a Reddit thread and was intrigued. So I logged in, created the nation of Cypheri and then used BlogTrottr to feed the RSS feed into my inbox (which allows me offline play essentially. I ignore it until I get a notice). So far, it’s been a neat little experience. I’m pretty sure if you know me well enough to be reading this blog that I know you well enough to say you’ll enjoy it too.

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Functional Blog Archives

After an afternoon dicking around with Jekyll templates and Google serching, I’ve fixed up this site’s archive pages and tag cloud pages. I now have functional archive pages for everything, each year, each month of said year, and each day of said month. And they should all continue to function perfectly well on their own as time progresses (unless I bork something up later trying to be clever). I’ve also modified the tag cloud page to fit in the archive pages’ look an feel. It’s not a true tag cloud in that I don’t increae the weight or height of the font based on frequency, but the cloud does contain every tag used across the blog and each tag has it’s own page showing all posts tagged as such.

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Where Not To Put Your Tablespaces

From the PostgreSQL docs:

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Making use of gists

After stumbling upon an example of how to do so, I’ve converted all my existing blog posts to use GitHub Gists instead of inline code blocks. It gives me added functionality, and reduces the size of the blog pages as well. Might as well use every GitHub feature I can since I’ve chosen that platform for hosting my blog, right? :)